CIE BIOLOGY AS (9700) Topic Questions

Here you will find all CIE BIOLOGY AS (9700) Topic questions to revise by topic and exam board with mark scheme and video solution

The course includes topics such as cell structure, genetics, human physiology, evolution, ecology, and more. Students are expected to develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of biology and their real-world applications. The exam assesses students’ knowledge and understanding of these topics, as well as their ability to analyze and evaluate scientific information.

Biological molecules

Proteins and enzymes 1

Proteins and enzymes 2

Proteins and enzymes 3

Proteins and enzymes 4


All cells arise from other cells 1

All cells arise from other cells 2

Transport across cell membranes 1

Transport across cell membranes 2

Transport across cell membranes 3

Cell recognition and the immune system 1

Cell recognition and the immune system 2

Organisms exchange substances with their environment

Surface area to volume ratio 1

Surface area to volume ratio 2

Digestion and absorption

Mass transport in plants

Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms

DNA, genes and chromosomes

DNA and protein synthesis 1

DNA and protein synthesis 2

Genetic diversity and adaptation 1

Genetic diversity and adaptation 2

Biodiversity within a community

Investigating diversity 1

Investigating diversity 2

Energy transfers in and between organisms

Energy and ecosystems 1

Energy and ecosystems 2

Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments

Principles of homeostasis and negative feedback

Control of blood glucose concentration

Control of blood water potential

Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems

Populations in ecosystems 1

Populations in ecosystems 2

The control of gene expression

Most of a cell’s DNA is not translated

Regulation of transcription and translation

Gene expression and cancer

Recombinant DNA technology

Genetic fingerprinting