CIE Chemistry AS (9701) Topic Questions

Here you will find all CIE AS Level Chemistry (9701) Topic questions to revise by topic and exam board

1 Atomic structure

1.1 Particles in the atom and atomic radius

1.3 Electrons, energy levels and atomic orbitals

2 Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry

2.1 Relative masses of atoms and molecules

2.2 The mole and the Avogadro constant

2.4 Reacting masses and volumes (of solutions and gases)

3 Chemical bonding

3.1 Electronegativity and bonding

3.4 Covalent bonding and coordinate (dative covalent) bonding

3.5 Shapes of molecules

3.6 Intermolecular forces, electronegativity and bond properties

3.7 Dot-and-cross diagrams

4 States of matter

4.1 The gaseous state: ideal and real gases and pV = nRT

4.2 Bonding and structure

5 Chemical energetics

5.1 Enthalpy change, ΔH

6 Electrochemistry

6.1 Redox processes: electron transfer and changes in oxidation number

7 Equilibria

7.1 Chemical equilibria: reversible reactions, dynamic equilibrium

7.2 Brønsted–Lowry theory of acids and bases

8 Reaction kinetics

8.2 Effect of temperature on reaction rates and the concept of activation energy

8.3 Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts

9 The Periodic Table: chemical periodicity

9.1 The Periodic Table: chemical periodicity

9.2 Periodicity of chemical properties of the elements in Period 3

9.3 Chemical periodicity of other elements

10 Group 2

10.1 Similarities and trends in the properties of the Group 2 metals, magnesium to barium, and their compounds

11 Group 17

11.1 Physical properties of the Group 17 elements

11.2 The chemical properties of the halogen elements and the hydrogen halides

11.3 Some reactions of the halide ions

11.4 The reactions of chlorine

12 Nitrogen and sulfur

12.1 Nitrogen and sulfur

13 An introduction to AS Level organic chemistry

13.1 Formulae, functional groups and the naming of organic compounds

13.2 Characteristic organic reactions

13.3 Shapes of organic molecules; σ and π bonds

13.4 Isomerism: structural and stereoisomerism

14 Hydrocarbons

15 Halogen compounds

16 Hydroxy compounds

17 Carbonyl compounds

17.1 Aldehydes and ketones

18 Carboxylic acids and derivatives

19 Nitrogen compounds

19.2 Nitriles and hydroxynitriles

20 Polymerisation

20.1 Addition polymerisation

21 Organic synthesis

21.1 Organic synthesis

22 Analytical techniques

22.1 Infrared spectroscopy

22.2 Mass spectrometry