A Level AQA Computer Science (7516, 7517) Topic Questions

Here you will find all A Level AQA Computer Science (7516, 7517) Topic Questions to revise by topic and exam board

Fundamentals of programming

Procedural-oriented programming

Fundamentals of data structures

Data structures and abstract data types

Fundamentals of algorithms

Optimisation algorithms

Theory of computation

Abstraction and automation

Finite state machines (FSMs)

Fundamentals of data representation

Information coding systems

Representing images, sound and other data

Fundamentals of computer systems

Classification of programming languages

Types of program translator

Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture

Internal hardware components of a computer

The stored program concept

Structure and role of the processor and its components

External hardware devices

Consequences of uses of computing

Individual (moral), social (ethical), legal and cultural issues and opportunities

Fundamentals of communication and networking

Fundamentals of databases

Conceptual data models and entity relationship modelling

Database design and normalisation techniques

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Client server databases

Big Data

Fundamentals of functional programming

Functional programming paradigm

Writing functional programs

Lists in functional programming

Systematic approach to problem solving

Aspects of software development

Non-exam assessment - the computing practical project

Using a level of response mark scheme

Project tasks that are not of A-level standard

Guide to non-exam assessment documentation

Assessment objective breakdown for non-exam assessment