GCSE OCR Chemistry J249 Topic Questions

Here you will find all GCSE OCR Chemistry J249 Topic Questions to revise by topic and exam board

Topic C1: Particles

C1.1 The particle model

C1.2 Atomic structure

4.1.3 Properties of transition metals (chemistry only)

Topic C2: Elements, compounds and mixtures

C2.1 Purity and separating mixtures

C2.3 Properties of materials

Topic C3: Chemical reactions

C3.1 Introducing chemical reactions

C3.3 Types of chemical reactions

Topic C4: Predicting and identifying reactions and products

C4.1 Predicting chemical reactions

C4.2 Identifying the products of chemical reactions

Topic C5: Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions

C5.1 Monitoring chemical reactions

C5.2 Controlling reactions

Topic C6: Global challenges

C6.1 Improving processes and products

C6.2 Organic chemistry

C6.3 Interpreting and interacting with earth systems