CIE IGCSE (9-1) Economics (0987) Topic Question

CIE IGCSE (9-1) Economics 0987 Topic Question provides detailed topic questions with mark schemes and video solutions that are available to download. You will find them useful when revising and doing your CIE IGCSE (9-1) Economics 0987 revisions for the mocks and real examinations. If you have any questions feel free to use Our Tutoring Services or post your questions in our forum for assistance. Join Our Global Family.

The basic economic problem

The allocation of resources

Microeconomic decision makers

Government and the macroeconomy

Living standards

There is no magic in achieving the highest grades in your CIE IGCSE (9-1) Economics (0987), it is about reading widely around your subject and understanding the questions asked. It is essential and we advise you to download these topic questions and practice theme. Do as many questions as possible, if unable, we advise you to use the mark schemes for questions difficult to answer or join our forum.

Top 10 tips to pass your exams

1. Find out what your test will be like

2. Organize your study place

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4. Understand the questions asked

5. Set a goal

6. Put in quality work

7. Use tutors appropriately

3. Prioritize weak subjects

4. Test yourself

5. Make use of our mark schemes/video solutions