GCSE OCR Biology A (9-1) - J247 Topic Questions

Here you will find all GCSE AQA Biology Biology A (9-1) - J247 Topic Questions to revise by topic and exam board

Cell Structure

25 practice questions on Cell Structure

Animal Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems

25 practice questions on Animal Tissues, Organs and Organ Systems

Communicable Diseases

25 practice questions on Communicable Diseases


25 practice questions on Respiration

The Human Nervous System

25 practice questions on The Human Nervous System


25 practice questions on Reproduction

Organisation of an Ecosystem

25 practice questions on Organisation of an Ecosystem

Cell level systems

What happens in cells (and what do cells need)?

Scaling up

The challenges of size

Organism level systems

Coordination and control – the nervous system

Coordination and control – the endocrine system

Maintaining internal environments

Community level systems

Genes, inheritance and selection

Natural selection and evolution

Global challenges

Monitoring and maintaining the environment

Feeding the human race

Monitoring and maintaining health