AQA A-Level Economics Revision Notes

AQA A-level Economics covers a range of micro and macroeconomic topics such as market structures, economic growth, inflation, international trade, and more. Practice questions on these topics can be useful for revising and testing your knowledge for exams and coursework.

Here you will find all AQA A Level Economics Revision Notes

Individuals, Firms, Markets & Market Failure

1 Economic Methodology and the Economic Problem

2 Individual Economic Decision Making

3 Price Determination in a Competitive Market

4 Production Costs and Revenues

5 Perfect Competition, Imperfectly Competitive Markets and Monopoly

6 The Labour Market

7 Distribution of Income and Wealth, Poverty and Inequality

8 Market Mechanism, Market Failure and Government Intervention in Markets

The National & International Economy

1 Measurement of Macroeconomic Performance

2 How the Macroeconomy Works, Circular Flow of Income, ADAS Analysis and Related Concepts

3 Economic Performance

4 Financial Markets and Monetary Policy

5 Fiscal and Supply Side Policies

6 The International Economy