IGCSE Edexcel Chinese Topic Questions

A. Home and abroad

A1 Life in the town and rural life

A2 Holidays, tourist information and directions

A3 Services (e.g. bank, post office)*

A4 Customs

A5 Everyday life, traditions and communities

B. Education and employment

B1 School life and routine

B2 School rules and pressures

B3 School trips, events and exchanges

B4 Work, careers and volunteering

B5 Future plans

C. Personal life and relationships

C1 House and home

C2 Daily routines and helping at home

C3 Role models*

C4 Relationships with family and friends

C5 Childhood*

D. The world around us

D1 Environmental issues

D2 Weather and climate*

D3 Travel and transport

D4 The media

D5 Information and communication technology

E. Social activities, fitness and health

E1 Special occasions

E2 Hobbies, interests, sports and exercise

E3 Shopping and money matters

E4 Accidents, injuries, common ailments and health issues*

E5 Food and drink