OCR CHEMISTRY AS (H432) Topic Questions

Module 1: Development of practcal skills in chemistry

1.1 Practcal skills assessed in a writen examinaton

1.2 Practcal skills assessed in the practcal endorsement

Module 2: Foundatons in chemistry

2.1 Atoms and reactons

2.2 Electrons, bonding and structure

Module 3: Periodic table and energy

3.1 The periodic table

3.2 Physical chemistry

Module 4: Core organic chemistry

4.1 Basic concepts and hydrocarbons

4.2 Alcohols, haloalkanes and analysis

Module 5: Physical chemistry and transiton elements

5.1 Rates, equilibrium and pH

5.2 Energy

5.3 Transiton elements

Module 6: Organic chemistry and analysis

6.1 Aromatc compounds, carbonyls and acids

6.2 Nitrogen compounds, polymers and synthesis

6.3 Analysis