IAL HISTORY AS (YHI01) Topic Questions

Unit 1: Depth Study with Interpretations

Option 1A: France in Revolution, 1774–99

Option 1B: Russia in Revolution, 1881–1917

Option 1C: Germany, 1918–45

Option 1D: Britain, 1964–90

Unit 2: Breadth Study with Source Evaluation

Option 1A: India, 1857–1948: The Raj to Partition

Option 1B: China, 1900–76

Option 1C: Russia, 1917–91: From Lenin to Yeltsin

Option 1D: South Africa, 1948–2014

Unit 3: Thematic Study with Source Evaluation

Option 1A: The USA, Independence to Civil War, 1763–1865

Option 1B: The British Experience of Warfare, 1803–1945

Option 1C: Germany: United, Divided and Reunited, 1870–1990

Option 1D: Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA, 1865–2009

Unit 4: International Study with Historical Interpretations

Option 1A: The Making of Modern Europe, 1805–71

Option 1B: The World in Crisis, 1879–1945

Option 1C: The World Divided: Superpower Relations, 1943–90

Option 1D: The Cold War and Hot War in Asia, 1945–90