Sociology J696 OCR Topic Questions

2.1 Unit B671: Sociology Basics

2.1.1 Investigating society

2.1.2 Collecting and using information and evidence

2.1.3 Culture

2.1.4 Socialisation

2.1.5 Identity

2.3 Unit B673: Applying Sociological Research Techniques

2.3.1 The topic area

2.3.2 Sociological research techniques

2.3.3 Planning and applying research techniques

2.3.4 Collecting and using information and evidence

2.3.5 Concluding the investigations

2.3.6 Evaluating the techniques used and the evidence collected

2.2 Unit B672: Socialisation, Culture and Identity

2.2.1 Sociology of the family

2.2.2 Sociology of education

2.2.3 Sociology of the mass media

2.2.4 Sociology of the workplace

2.2.5 Sociology of crime and deviance

2.2.6 Sociology of youth