Computer Science (J276) OCR Topic Questions

1. Computer systems

1.1 Systems architecture

1.2 Memory

1.3 Storage

1.4 Wired and wireless networks

1.5 Network topologies, protocols and layers

1.6 System security

1.7 System software

1.8 Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns

3. Programming Project

3.1 Programming techniques

3.2 Analysis

3.3 Design

3.4 Development

3.5 Testing and evaluation and conclusions

1.5 Network topologies, protocols and layers

Star and mesh network topologies



The uses of IP addressing, MAC addressing, and protocols including

The concept of layers

Packet switching

2. Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

2.1 Algorithms

2.2 Programming techniques

2.3 Producing robust programs

2.4 Computational logic

2.5 Translators and facilities of languages

2.6 Data representation

1.4 Wired and wireless networks

Types of networks:

Factors that affect the performance of networks

The different roles of computers in a client-server and a peer-to-peer network

The hardware needed to connect stand-alone computers into a Local Area Network:

The internet as a worldwide collection of computer networks

The concept of virtual networks