EDEXCEL Biology IGCSE Topic Questions

1 The nature and variety of living organisms

(a) Characteristics of living organisms

(b) Variety of living organisms

3 Reproduction and inheritance

(a) Reproduction

(b) Inheritance

4 Ecology and the environment

(a) The organism in the environment

(b) Feeding relationships

(c) Cycles within ecosystems

(d) Human influences on the environment

2 Structure and functions in living organisms

(a) Level of organisation

(b) Cell structure

(c) Biological molecules

(d) Movement of substances into and out of cells

(e) Nutrition

(f) Respiration

(g) Gas exchange

(h) Transport

(i) Excretion

(j) Co-ordination and response

5 Use of biological resources

(a) Food production

(b) Selective breeding

(c) Genetic modification (genetic engineering)

(d) Cloning