CIE Sociology (0495) IGCSE Topic Questions

Unit 1: Theory and methods

(a) How do different sociologists interpret society?

(b) How do sociologists study society?

(c) What types of information and data do sociologists use?

Unit 2: Culture, identity and socialisation

(a) What is the relationship between the individual and society?

(b) How do we learn to be human?

Unit 3: Social inequality

(a) What is social stratification?

(b) What are the main features of social inequality and how are these created?

Unit 4: Family

(a) What are the different types of family?

(b) How are family roles changing?

(c) What are the changes affecting the family?

Unit 5: Education

(a) What is the function of education?

(b) What factors help to explain differences in educational achievement?

Unit 6: Crime, deviance and social control

(a) What are crime, deviance and social control?

(b) What are the patterns of crime?

(c) What are the explanations of crime and deviance?

Unit 7: Media

(a) Who controls the media?

(b) What is the influence of the media?