IGCSE AQA Mandarin Chinese - Foreign Language (0547) Topic Questions

A-Everyday activities

Time expressions (e.g. telling the time, days, days of the week, months, seasons)

Food and drink (e.g. meals, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, snacks, drinks, cutlery and utensils)

The human body and health (e.g. parts of the body, health and illness)

Travel and transport (e.g. finding the way)

B - Personal and social life

Self, family and friends (e.g. family and relationships, describing physical appearance, character and mood)

Home life (e.g. housing and locations, rooms and furniture, household appliances)


Clothes and accessories

Leisure time (e.g. things to do, hobbies, sport)

C - The world around us

People and places (e.g. continents, countries and nationalities, compass points)

The natural world, the environment, the climate and the weather

Communications and technology (e.g. the digital world, documents and texts)

The built environment (e.g. buildings and services, shopping)

Measurements (e.g. units of length and mass, units of money)

D - The world of work

Education (e.g. learning institutions, places and people in school, the classroom, subjects and learning)

Work (e.g. jobs and careers, the workplace)

E - The international world

Countries, nationalities and languages

Culture (e.g. customs, faiths and celebrations, famous sites and cities)